Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roll Awards

(Part 2) by Amy Platon

Here’s the second in“stall”ment of the Roll Awards, the Half Used Roll Award.

(Hey if you're new to this event, I'm ranking public restrooms. Stop laughing, I'm trying to be serious here! Check out Roll Awards Part 1 and you'll be all up to speed.)

So anyway, I have a feeling you’re not going to believe this one. I didn’t see it coming either. However, that said, this recipient deserves this award (at the very least) for the sheer surprise of it.

The newest winner of a Roll Award is….McDonalds.

Ok. Ok. Stay with me! I live in a new area of town. And we are lucky to have the newest version of lots of chains. Our McDonalds is really impressive. There are granite countertops, flat screen TVs (the’re still called TVs right?), pendant lighting over each table, and stone walls. It’s cozy like a lodge and yet open and airy with lots of windows.

Well, the bathrooms are just as thought filled. It invites you in with stone walls, granite counters and there are decorative mirrors at varying heights all over the wall. Thick ornate frames hang like chandelier earrings as they surround the user. The lighting is subtle and the tumbled stone floors lend to its spa-like feel. We have automatic flushing sensored water faucets and waive-hi paper towel dispensers. (The trash cans even say thank you in this place).

Music plays softly, and the stalls are oversized. No shimmying around the toilet to close the door (ah, ah, Target. Oh, bless me.)

Lavender scented soap and lightly scented air freshener floats through the air, which seems to be kept a cool 76 degrees. Which I’ve noticed is an optimal temperature for bathrooms, anything warmer feels balmy. And there just isn’t anything cute about a balmy public restroom.

Just as you leave you are presented a full-length mirror, to check your totally hot McDonalds attire, cause don’t we all dress up when we go out to eat there? But hey, I might consider it next time. They earned it.

There aren’t any great kid perks with this restroom or it could have been a contender for first place. The first place winner is the package deal, and you won’t want to miss that presentation. So check back here for those results, and until then don’t be ashamed of your bathroom standards. Maybe I’ll see you around town. If I do, I’ll know it’s you cause people like us always leave the bathroom with our sterilized hands held up or lined with paper towels.

Congratulations Lee Vista McDonalds! Nice job.

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