Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zoning In

by Amy Platon

If you’re the parent of a toddler, then you’re thinking about schools for your child. A tense nervousness arises as your child approaches the free voluntary pre-kindergarten age of four. Because, if you know any parents of VPK students in the Nona area then you’ve heard how challenging it can be to get your child enrolled into a school near your home. And that has you off-center because, up until now, there have only been a handful of schools near us that offer the free VPK program, so they fill up fast. But you've had that yoga class– Ohm.

We are fortunate to have access to some of the best schools in the district and now you can add another school to your list. Discovery Zone Preschool has just opened their doors to the Nona/Vista Lakes area, and is now enrolling for summer camp and fall.

This curriculum based education center is equipped with two three year-old classrooms, four VPK classrooms and a two year-old classroom. They offer full and part time schedules between the hours of 9-3 Monday through Friday and flexible VPK schedules starting in August ‘09. Alright, so hands up, and stretch.

In addition to large spacious classrooms, the school is also proud to offer separate rooms for art education and introduction to music. They also have plans to incorporate daily yoga classes as well as ballet.

Ok, now roll your neck and take a deep cleansing breath in. Because this is great news to all the parents on waiting lists to get into other area pre-schools, as well as parents who want to secure a VPK slot for their child. You ready? Discovery Zone offers priority VPK placement to all current students. And, they make it even easier by offering a summer program, so your child can glide seamlessly into VPK without missing a beat.

“Our summer programs are fun and laid back with hands on summer themed learning, that offers children a soft introduction to the more structured school year program.” Says the school’s director.

Discovery Zone Preschool is centrally located in the Shops at La Vina at 9145 Narcoossee Road. To register your child for current classes, summer or fall, call 321-235-3003 or stop by to take a tour. And then exhale, because you’ll be one of those sparkling, ultra-calm parents who has it all figured out.

If you or someone you know does advertising and may be looking for a fresh way to catch some eyes in an ad placement, then please pass this along and/or email me. Something like this would run about $50 depending on the level of circulation. This ran in print for the Narcoossee Navigator which has a three zip code circulation of about 10,000 homes.

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