Friday, April 9, 2010

Would You Read More?

So I went with first person for the POV in my book CRACKED. Tell me if you would read on after reading this intro:


Our minds are built with a Yin and Yang. I know this, because for every action I take, I receive an equal and opposite reaction.

In my life, there were the stories I told others, and then there were the stories I told myself. The truth melted between the lines. For me, there was a day, actually a single moment in time, where the two stories revealed themselves like whales crashing from beneath the surface of a wild ocean. They seemed to be gasping, for air, for survival, life. That, for me, was a glimpse of the disconnection I had within myself.

As we witness moments like that in our lives, it is what we do with those images that will define us. For some, the meaning of life becomes clear. For others it is the moment that takes them under.

As travelers, we have many goals to achieve in a lifetime. And when I reached this goal, I realized I had always been walking toward it, only the wind was in my face. Those stories, holding me back. As I began to reveal myself, it was as if the wind had changed direction and suddenly, it blew at my back. Pushing me into the future.

In retrospect, I realize that the wind had been the story I told, my mind. It was the thing that had me standing like a rock in rushing water. Water, that was not only rushing around me, it was rising...


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