Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Good Gift

by Amy Platon

If you have a little artist in your home, then you know that the fridge is the usual display spot. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift idea for a mom that you know, consider this…..

It’s a picture box and you can pick one up at any craft store or frame shop although an crafts store may have the better price. I picked this one up for $12.99. And I LOOOOVE it. My daughter comes home with all kinds of cute crafts from school, and they are at times too heavy for a magnet. That’s when I tried to look for a sophisticated solution that would blend with my homes décor.

I printed her name in a pretty font from the computer, and pinned it in the box. Then when she comes home with a new masterpiece, I slip the old one out and into her scrapbook box, and the new one goes in.

She loves it, and so do our guests!

When I gift it, I plan to print out their child’s name and pin it in for them. Then I'll tie a thick fabric bow around it and fasten on a beautiful tag.

Also, watch for another gift idea that I’ll reveal that I’m doing for my children for Christmas. I think it’s safe to post, they don’t know Scribble Ink Café exists…..yet ☺

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Happy Holidays!