Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Anyone?

Wind and Winter
by Amy Platon

He brings me the scent of flowers when we meet again in spring.
And I accept his apology.

I throw open the windows and doors and I invite him in, so he may billow through the linen draped panes.

He fills my mouth and intoxicates my lungs.
I am happy and infatuated,
as he changes me for that moment in time, and I stop to take notice of the day.

I welcome him in shorts and a tank top-but I tie my hair up as if to say no.
Because, I remember for a moment how vicious he is in winter,
and how he will leave me desperate and forgotten in June.

But for that moment, we reminisce about autumn and how he brought me nature’s symphony as it floated through the trees on a cadence he conducted for me.
And how he had me adoring the leaves as they danced and fell like snow to the ground. They scurried across the lawn and against the fence.
They chased away my memory.

In autumn I smiled as he whispered at my neck.
And flirted with my hair.
He caressed my skin and begged the sleeve off my shoulder.
He frisked my skirt and brushed against my legs, like a cat that courts my hand.
I stopped him then to go about my day.
I left him at the door.

And before I realized, fall became winter and he had changed his mood.
The trees stood bare and lifeless. He had stripped them looking for me.
I draped myself in long wool coats, as if to hide from him.
I covered my head with a hat and buried my hands in mittens,
But he already knew the color of my bones.

I escaped for a moment into a toasty coffee shop, but I could still feel him pacing outside.
I met with warmth, and we took a table by the window.
I felt his jealousy peak at the thought of my infidelity.
As I left, he rushed through buildings to be at my back.
And he followed me home.
I slammed the door, shutting him out.

As I warmed my hands by the fire, I remembered secretly longing for summer.
Where in June I will remember him in absence.
When summer’s still air, balmy and thick, has to be pulled by my lungs through my mouth.
He knows I will find myself wishing he were there.

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  1. LOVE it! I really enjoy reading poetry - love the metaphors and personification of wind. (See, I remember high school English!!:) )

  2. Did you pull out your old copy of Simon & Schuster? LOL

  3. stumbled across your blog today...don't remember from where, but it doesn't matter.
    Gorgeous poem!!
    I'm especially caught on the line:
    "But he already knew the color of my bones."

    Going to add you to my favorites. Lovely blog.