Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand Bags, Console Tables, and Cheesecake

Dear Readers,

Writing, well good writing, especially in cyber blogging halls is fun when you come by it. Good writing is the perfect mix of concept and execution. Then there is that little space where writing goes beyond that and excites you, the reader. The story peeks its head from inside the door and begs you to come in again and reread it, just in case you missed anything. It’s when after the first line, the reader trusts the writer to tell a good story all the way through.

Readers know cyber chasing good bits of writing is the same reason you’ll follow the Asian retailer into her back room in search of the perfect knock-off on Canal Street. It’s because she might lead you to that place, that’s always been there but today it’s filled with designer handbags at mainstream prices.

For those who aren’t really into handbags, finding good writing may be more like being attracted to something hand made. A beautifully carved console table that doesn’t even wobble, or maybe it does and that’s just how you like it.

It could be that piece of cheesecake you’ve been craving, where each word melts in your mouth.

And in a sea of writers that perform assignment after assignment there will shine a beacon of light. A well-written idea that plays with your mind. It will take you to a spot you already knew existed but today is full of handbags and a handmade table, where you’re free to just melt with the words.

This is what I hope for my readers. I hope you trust me, I hope these stories beg you to come back. I hope to lead you to places that wake you up, and that make you laugh (out loud even) or help you realize your dreams.

I would like to announce that I will be interviewing people who are following their dreams and doing it with success. I hope you visit often to catch these interviews as they happen. I’ve titled the series “Dream Catcher” and the first interview in the series is below. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to see you again soon!

Sincerely, Amy

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  1. What a GREAT concept! You need to be writing for a living, man.....!