Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Stray

by Amy Platon

Well it’s a new year. The eggnog has worn off and days of sans schedule are over. I was not looking forward to the alarm clock this morning. But it came just the same, and we were up and out the door like we hadn’t missed a beat. I noticed my neighbors were unusually punctual too. It occurred to me that we were kind of in a silent celebration to be back to our standard-issue lives.

Once we were in the car on the way to school, I turned on the radio as usual. And the DJ’s were back on too. It was nice to have them. And I didn’t even realize I missed them. But that’s the nice thing about finding a radio station that you like. Our station XL 106.1 has a personable mix of talent. They seem to be about my age and they sound like a group of my own friends. They talk about the usual stuff but make it entertaining. I’ve never had a “station” but I just realized that one has landed on my doorstep. Like the cat my brother found on one of those early childhood trips to my Grandma’s cabin. My eyes, three years wide grew into hearts at the sight of her.

I must have over heard my mom in her usual clinical terminology discovering that the kitten was a “female.” Therefore when asked what I wanted to name her, I knew just what her name should be…Femaler.

So anyway, Femailer was like most strays, she really appreciated her new, warm, comfy home. And before I knew it, I missed her when she wasn’t right next to me.

That’s the part I really love about my radio station friends. They really seem to appreciate their listeners (Me). All of the sudden I have that little something to look forward to in the mornings. That show is like a kitty slinking against my leg.

And I had heard all those cheesy marketing ads with testimonials pretty much saying what I’m saying now, but it snuck up on me.

If you’ve never listened to a radio show that you’ve connected with, then take a few minutes to catch a morning show with my friends. It’s called Johnny & Jayde in the Morning (but don’t forget about Brian, he’s not in the title, but the show wouldn’t be the same with out his pseudo-ghetto alter ego).

Just wanted to pass along a good thing. Whenever you’re listening to it, you know I’m listening too.

*Come back for my next article “Best Bathrooms in Orlando!”…exciting, I know.

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