Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fountain Of Youth

If you stop learning, you stop growing. If you stop growing, you start dying. That is something I know for sure. (I’ll tell you about that one some other time.) But that line “When you are not growing, you are dying” is my fountain of youth.

So when I come across a passage or a thought that opens doors for me, I know that today, I will not die. I know that in my heart like I knew that I was going to marry my husband, and like I knew when I walked into my home that it was the one.

Recently, I was reading “Talking to Heaven” by James Van Praagh. I didn’t realize what I was reading until a quarter way through the book.

My mom had gotten it for me like five years ago (maybe more) and it sat in a box in my garage until recently, when I was searching for something, anything, to read - so help me God.

I pulled it out with two others, and it sat on my nightstand for weeks, until last weekend. I didn’t look at the author or read the jacket. I just dove in.

The first few pages were talking about how the author discovered his abilities to speak to the “other side.” (He sees dead people) Then the book goes into specific random readings he did for people over the years and how those reading affected them later.

Once it occurred to me, I knew who this man was. I flipped to the back jacket and realized this author is the guy from TV that does readings for people. Since I had seen every show the man did while I was home nursing my youngest child, I was ready to put the book down. I had soooo been there done that.

But just as I start to skim through the last few pages to finish up the scene before I shoved the book into the donation pile, I ran across this...a passage that said if you wonder if your spirit guides are helping you, then remember this, when you meet a business partner to discuss a future endeavor, but on your way you make a wrong turn, get pulled over, park at the wrong lot, wait on a broken elevator before taking the stairs just to get to the door where the meeting is to take place only to find a note telling you to go to another door that the meeting was moved…..those are your spirit guides trying to warn you not make that deal. But you do it anyway, and your business fails, and your partner runs off with your money.

Huh, I thought - I was raised to believe that walls were meant to be broken. Falling down teaches you how to get up. Roadblocks are just tests to see how badly you want it. But in reading that passage in the book, something rang true. That stuff about failure, never really felt right in my heart, but I ignored those feelings and I never gave up.

In looking back, that was like climbing the rocky side of a mountain, when patients would have revealed the walking path.

James also said in the book, your spirit guides would guide you toward your goal effortlessly. Doors open for you spontaneously. And that is so true. Just in the short time I have had to put those theories to the test, it has been right. Even in hindsight, I can see that those opportunities in my life that worked the best (my marriage, my home, my children, my career choice, my car purchase even) all have come effortlessly. But those things I work so hard at, take work just to keep them alive. They drain me every minute they stay in my life.

So now, I believe in what James Van Praagh revealed to me, which is, I don’t have to charge after things in my life, the right things will come to me. Many people have said that many ways, but James was able to reach me at just the right time that I was ready to hear it.

And so today, I will not die…..and today, I believe, I am saving lives just by sharing my fountain of youth, where the water is beautiful all year around. Hee hee, splash.

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