Monday, March 16, 2009

If You Seek Amy

by Amy Platon

Funny, I got a new phone over the weekend and the first thing I did was buy a new ring tone. (What, that’s not the first thing you do?)

So as I was shopping the ring tone store I thought for a minute that Britney Spears was making customized ring tones when I found her latest release “If you Seek Amy” as an option. I played the sample, which was new to me cause I don’t have her new album (CD, whatever) Circus. I was totally amped when I played it. Not only is it a catchy tune and just perfect for a ring tone, but bonus - I have a new song!

A little back story: before now, I would introduce myself to a room full of people, and I was guaranteed to be serenaded a solo in “my song.” Go ahead, sing along if you’d like. It’s a karaoke gem. “Aimee, whatcha gonna do? I think I could stay with you, for a while maybe longer if I do.”


And although I don’t necessarily love being associated with a “girlz night hook up” cause that’s so not me - I welcome the change of tune.

Now I can retaliate as I break into dance with, “Love me, hate me say what you want about me, all of the boys and all of the girls want to if you seek Amy.”

My uncomfortable there-take-that, post dance-off stare, is sure to have the beer breath soloist, wishing he had never mentioned it.

So thanks B. You my girl! Psudo gang symbols here. No matter how controversial your song may be, I for one, am happy to have it around.

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