Monday, July 20, 2009

And In Other News: Why Frosted Flakes Rock

by Amy Platon

First and foremost, they’re always there for me - mainly, because it’s the last box of cereal that my kids go for. (Sorry Tony!)

They never complain about the slightly bruised banana that I put on top of them.

They’re always crispy, mainly because the kids don’t eat them. The bag stays nice and folded within the box just the way I left them before!

They work as a breakfast food and as a late night dessert.

AND they are almost always on sale at the grocery store.

Frosted Flakes are totally my MOM fuel!!! They’re Grrrrrreat!


  1. They do make a great dry snack. I remember grabbing a handful when the kids would pick them as the weekly choice. Sorry Tony, it has been a while...