Monday, July 13, 2009

Come Undone

by Amy Platon

They have taken you beyond agony.
There is nothing more they can do.
Come to me.

Mind, go. You need a holiday.
You have carried him so far. Take this time to yourself.
Go somewhere – hide away.

Heart, I will bring you with me, where for the moment you can survive.
We can spend some time together and beg the healing of my eyes.
We can rest beneath the Weeping Willow, though he knows nothing of what we pray.
He’ll offer a communion place for our withering way.

Eyes, you can stare across the lucidity of this lake
just after rain.
Where the ripples hold their breath, like you, motionless, mundane.

Arms, go, escape with the dragonflies that take to flight.
Dream of carrying yourselves away from this sick body into the night.

Feet, warm yourselves in the setting sun.
Lungs, be drunk once more with sweet moist air,
before you come undone.

Faith, hold your strength for the stars that will brighten as they appear.
Hope, you will find a friend in the dandelion that loses her breath in the docile air.
Love, time will not penetrate this place and it too has mastered years of loss.
Body, live for this moment, and be free of fear…

My fingertips race to memorize your skin, as the blood beneath it runs cold. My hands do nothing to warm you…

I trust the moss - will weave you a blanket, above an earth that takes you in…

I will think of you when rain soaks the ground, the way my tears are soaking your hospital gown.

I’m sorry to have to let you go, and with so much more to do…

I melt with you, from this burning wick, as the sun drips beneath the horizon. It is a flat line that deafens me, pulls me back to our reality.

Remember us, as I remember you. Remember the lake, that Willow, that time those hours my loveyourepeacemyhope – Don’t go.


  1. This is so poignant. Losing a parent encompasses a whole bundle of wrenching emotions, doesn't it?

  2. Beautiful, yet agonizing. Very, very well done.