Monday, July 20, 2009

Rejection With Referral

I have received a rejection with referral by Janet Reid! Yipppeeee! See her breakdown here. I really never thought I'd be so happy to get a rejection. I'm totally honored. I'm not sure what this says about my standards.

Thanks anyway Janet Reid. I'm off to search again! Query letter here. Janet got a modified version of the top one.

Oh, and I found a secret little blogspot, if you're a writer and you're looking for a view of the "inside" then do skip over to the the INTERN. It's yummy hardcore advice! Hurry, The intern won't be small time for long. Janet outed her! Lol. I love a good hook-up!


  1. Congrats on your rejection! ??? I mean, you got a 'rejection with referral'... That's good! So now, how do you find the agent that it would be right for? Keep us posted. I'm no where near that point, but it's never too early to learn.

    I so fear the form letter, or no reply at all...

  2. Good luck as you proceed. I need to start on this path again........I have a children's book that I've always wanted to get published, but somehow life caught up to me and I never made the time.