Monday, May 4, 2009

Final Roll Award

by Amy Platon

Well hello again, this week I’m coming to you from inside the stall of my first place winner of the Roll Awards. Please erase that image from your mind, this is not your regular stall, there are lots of seating options here, how do you know I’m actually sitting on the toilet seat?

I know what you must be thinking. How could she have found an even better bathroom than Ikea or McDonalds? And to tell you the truth folks, it wasn’t easy. This next winner is also a huge chain.

I’d like to present this Golden Roll Award to (boy it really echoes in here) Kohl’s Department Store.

And you’re never gonna believe what they have thought of for us, ladies. First, the doors are a beautiful opaque frosted glass with thick dark wood trim for an open yet private experience.

Once you enter the oversized space, you are greeted with bright lighting, and subtle colors (my favorites). There are two toilets, one for mom, and one for the kiddos. It’s positioned at kid height with a flowery shaped seat for encouragement. These potties are not auto flush, which happens to frighten my four year-old, so we were totally happy with that.

Also there’s a huge bonus. They have a toddler seat built into the wall. For those who don’t know, it’s to strap your toddler in, so they are not crawling on the floor while mom is busy. Why aren’t those standard in all family stalls? Kohl’s also has a clean changing table station with liners, not just an empty spot where liners once were.

Speaking of liners, the tampon dispenser machine was placed next to the mommy potty, which I think is brilliant because you can reach it during a surprise attack.

The sink has a smooth marble top and a handle free paper towel dispenser. Clap, clap!

The bathroom décor was minimal, but when it comes to public restrooms, function is what matters most! The only thing that could be improved with this bathroom is to add a step stool for children to wash their hands. Otherwise this experience was just about perfect! If you find yourself in a new Kohl’s store, do take a moment to visit the restroom. It’s just lovely!

Alright someone’s knocking, gotta go…..I’ll just leave the award here next to the sink.

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  1. What about a clean place to hang your purse? And tissue dispensers that actually revolve? My personal pet peeves.

  2. Come on Kohl's, I have a hit tracker, I know you've seen this post, leave a comment accepting your award! And thanks for thinking of every little detail. You're the best!