Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Crossover

by Amy Platon

As homeowners who decorate for the holidays, the first weekend in November is a toss up. You know the Halloween décor needs to come down, or you’ll be that family… the one that leaves their stuff up just a little too long after the event has passed.

If you are like us, you consider for a moment, to trade the Halloween stash for Christmas decorations. “That way,” I say, “We only have to open the attic once.”

Hubby and I know it’s just too early for Christmas lights, and at 5:30 on Saturday night, neither of us are ready to get started on that project now or this weekend for that matter. (Besides, it’s not fair to put that kind of pressure on the neighbors this early in the season, haha) However, I convince my man to drag out a couple of lighted trees and a wreath. “The kids will love it.” I say.

So he does. And this morning we woke up to extra greenery around the house, but just a touch of it. It was nice. Even husband was impressed. We stood at the top of our stairs staring at what we were able to accomplish so early in the season. He says, “You even had time to put fake snow on the wreath?” As he stepped in to take a closer look, I was forced to confess… “That’s insulation.”

And the Santas had a jolly good laugh. Almost spilling coffee right down the new stairs.

Happy Holidays!


  1. I have been feeling the urge to decorate for Christmas, but I'm holding off. I usually do the day after Thanksgiving though. :)

  2. I used to have a contest with the across the street neighbors but they didn't know about it. We put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend, as did they. But I always made sure ours was done before theirs. Hey, it gave me a goal LOL.

  3. Who needs real snow when you have loft insulation!

    I love my Christmas decor, but love my marriage more so I know better than to try to get the Christmas stuff from the attic just yet!