Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Festival of the Masters

by Amy Platon

Well hubby just completed this beautiful piece of digital art for Disney's Festival of the Masters. Disney liked it enough to make some limited merchandise out of it.

Sharpie liked it too. They did a kids exhibit with it. The kiddos got to color their own tiles to make up the mural that was displayed for the event.

Hubby even signed his work for the adoring fans! Now the only place to land some of this fine merchandise is on Ebay. haha.

If you like Arnel's work, I'll announce the launch of his artist site, just as soon as he gets it all ready. Here was his last piece for FOM

It was an especially beautiful day to be a family!


  1. Very talented husband - congrats to him!

    Bit weird to see his autograph on ebay - LOL!

    I love Disney and sharpies - a great combination.

  2. Amazing! I love it--he is very talented!

  3. WOW! That is AWESOME and beautiful!

  4. That is some amazing artwork. That is awesome they made other stuff out of his design. Very talented!