Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do You Hear That?

by Amy Platon

I thought it might have been something in the air. I started to think it, could have been that football season was coming around. One thing I knew for sure was that it was nowhere near Christmas. But the parents in my group of friends were especially happy - giddy even. I had never seen so many hi-fives and fist bumps as I did last weekend when we got together. Smiles were contagious and the off and on whines from the children went utterly unnoticed. Patience saturated every moment.

Then I realized what it was. It was the last weekend of summer break. And as happy as we all are for summer to roll around, we are just as happy to see it go – Or should I say, just as happy to see fall arrive.

My enthusiasm for Monday morning came as inevitably as the school bus did around the corner. I waved a vigorous goodbye and boasted an energetic smile. Of course, I was just trying to help my boy feel excited for his first day of first grade. My son and all of his neighborhood friends peered out the windows smiling back at me only because it was expected.

No, he didn’t want summer to end. And we did have a ton of fun! But I have to tell you, going back into a quiet house that stayed clean almost all day was a beautiful thing.

The tissue train made no stops at my house. I did have friends who mourned for a moment, or two. It is hard when all your kids are out of the house for the first time. I remember constantly checking the back seat for my daughter the first time she went to school. Then when I did have them with me, I would second guess who I should have with me. It is an adjustment. I get that, but I’m not gonna lie – I am enjoying the silence.

I love my children, but even moms need a little personal time. I needed a little time from them and they need their time away from me. Hooray for school. High five! And God bless those teachers!


  1. Sing it - sing it! I cannot wait for Sept 8 when the older kids head back to school. Have to wait a couple weeks long for the Kindergarten crowd, but WOW. Anticipation...♪♪♫♫

  2. Glad you are getting peace in your house. Enjoy.

  3. Love the song!!!!!!! Depeche Mode is my fav!